St Peters lcmc Church-PRAYER ALERT-St Peters lcmc Church

Join us for Worship Sunday Summer Schedule 8:30 AM & 10:15 AM

Prayers for those in need


 Those for whom we pray, Harold Haseley Edna Walck,Carol Pfohl,Paul Greinert ,Mark Lendway,
Debbie Haseley, Alice Lange. Carol walck Chuck Cederman, Owen, Lois Retzlaff, Ralf Mastracci,Wednesday Rahelich


Those in a Nursing Home and Shut Ins

   , Jane Kroening,Sharon, Nora Hingle,Janice Wick




Serving in Military :

Liam Fernald, Kelly Haseley Philip Messena. Ian Kroening,Kyle Bond,Richard Cribbs.Seth Spitler. Harry Misten,Samual Milston ,Henry Milston, Liam Fernwald,Henry Milsten

 Pray All of our servicemen and women.