MEMORIALS-St Peters lcmc Church

Sunday service,8:30 & 11;00 Communion 1st,2nd and 5th Sunday of the month.


                                                                                                                                               DONATION / MEMORIAL GUIDELINES


Donations, Memorials and other gifts, acts and deeds, offered to St. Peter's Lutheran Church and School are encouraged and greatly appreciated.


The objective of any donation, monetary or physical should support and enhance the Mission and Ministry of St. Peter's which is to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission as given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It should also accomplish the purpose of the Church, which are outreach, service, worship and discipleship.


Monetary Donations or Bequests may be given to any Congregational approved budgetary, benevolent designation or funds listed below. Monetary donations designated for other uses and needs must be approved by the Church Council and by the Congregation if recommended by the Church Council prior to acceptance.

St Peter's Lutheran Church of Walmore Endowment Fund Goal is to build a $50,000 perpetual beginning balance through gifts, donations, life Insurance and Memorials. In turn the interest shall than be paid to St Peters Lutheran Ministries. On an annual basis.

Grace Mehls Memorial fund Fund interest is made available To St Peters Lutheran School for student tuition assistance.

Beutel Word of Life Memorial Fund Interest is made available To St Peters Lutheran Church for the purchase of Bibles given at the Sacrament at Holy Baptism.

Hugo Walck Memorial Music fund Scholarship Fund Interest is made available to students in grade 5-8 in St Peters Lutheran School to provide incentive for the development of musical talents.

The Rev. George Billv Scholarship Memorial fund This fund consists of various stocks of which only the dividends are used for tuition assistance for Students at St Peters Lutheran School.

Cemetery fund This fund is used for the beautification, maintenance and upkeep of St Peters Lutheran Cemetery.

Evangelism Fund.  To be used  for Evangelism such as advertising , Payments for web sites and costs for special functions used to promote new membership in St Peters Lutheran Church..


All physical items designated for donation by St. Peter's must be presented to the Church Council for their approval prior to acceptance. They will consult with the donor or donors to confirm their intent and purpose. The Church Council will evaluate the item for conformance to the objectives outlined. They will also consider if the items fit with the overall architectural themes at St. Peter's along with its details of installation, operation and overall maintenance requirements and costs.

The Church Council will determine if the items presented can be accepted or if modifications are required and inform the donor or donors of the same. Should additional consideration or special circumstances exist, the Church Council may also require Congregational approval prior to acceptance.

Memorandum of understanding:

Any and all monetary funds designated for other uses and the need for the Church Councils approval shall remain in the donor's possession until such time approval may or may not be given. Also note that any monetary donations put into the memorial fund not designated for any of the above mentioned items can be used at the Church Councils discretion.